What is the Suggestion System?

What is the Suggestion System? Employee Suggestion System

The Suggestion System is a system that businesses use to improve company culture, reduce costs, increase workplace productivity and improve working conditions. Suggestion Systems are also called “Individual Suggestion Systems” and “Employee Suggestion Systems”.

Suggestion Systems provide a two-way communication channel between employees and management. In this process, management accepts or rejects employee suggestions and in some cases comments on them. Suggestion Systems give employees a voice and a role in setting company policies and operating procedures.

What is The Purpose of Employee Suggestion Systems?

Employee suggestion systems are designed to encourage employees to share their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the organization’s operations and processes. These systems provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions and suggestions, which can help the organization become more efficient, productive, and innovative. Additionally, these systems can help foster stronger collaboration and communication between employees and management.

Use of Suggestion Systems in Companies

Suggestion Systems have become important and popular for businesses today. Especially for businesses with a large number of employees, all processes related to the wishes and demands of their employees are easily followed through the Suggestion Systems and they achieve the result. In the use of Suggestion Systems, companies generally do not make a subject restriction. Employees can request new arrangements for common areas, come up with new business and project ideas, or report a problem they encounter within the company through Suggestion Systems. Employee suggestions can help increase efficiency, eliminate waste, increase safety, and improve the quality of a company’s products and services. With the suggestions of their employees, companies save costs and improve the morale and motivation of their employees.

How to Use Suggestion Systems Efficiently?

For the suggestion mechanism to work functionally, there must be one or more application supervisors in the suggestion systems. In large companies, suggestion categories should be created and at least one responsible person should be assigned to each category. This person is also called a “suggestion evaluator”. Suggestion evaluators must have expertise in that suggestion category and be the person who can take the necessary actions. Thus, every suggestion is reviewed by the suggestion evaluator and the process proceeds correctly.

For the suggestion system to benefit a company, it must be adopted and used by employees. If a company is going to start using a suggestion system for the first time, its employees should be informed about how this system should be used. Some businesses provide rewards to encourage the use of the individual suggestion system. Employees who make suggestions that benefit the business are rewarded, thus creating a two-way benefit.

How to Encourage a Suggestion System in the Company?

1. Explain the Benefits:

Explain to employees how a suggestion system can benefit the company. Explain how it can help improve processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and lead to more satisfied customers.

2. Make it Easy:

Make it easy for employees to submit their ideas. Provide an online form or a box in the break room for employees to drop their suggestions.

3. Reward Ideas:

Create a system that rewards employees for submitting suggestions that are implemented. This will encourage employees to think creatively and come up with new ideas.

4. Track Results:

Track the progress of submitted ideas and provide feedback to the employees. This will motivate them to continue to come up with ideas and will show them that their suggestions are valued.

5. Show Appreciation:

Acknowledge employees who have submitted ideas and publicly thank them for their contributions. This will show them that their ideas are appreciated and will encourage them to continue to submit suggestions.

Considerations in the Use of the Individual Suggestion System

1-Response Time for Suggestions

Businesses need to ensure that their employees continue to use their suggestion systems. Suggestions that are not answered or answered late give the message to the employees that this system is not very efficient and is not used effectively, and employees stay away from using this system. To avoid this, proposal evaluators should respond to all proposals as soon as possible. Of course, some suggestions may not be possible immediately. In such cases, the proposal evaluator should inform frequently about the process.

2-Reward and Announce Good Suggestions

When someone makes a suggestion, she’s saying what’s on the minds of many. Businesses should thank the contributor so that everyone knows. This will show that businesses are willing to change the company culture along with their employees. In addition, businesses can allocate a budget for their suggestion systems and award the best suggestion each month.

3-Implementation of the Suggestion

Of course, not all suggestions can be implemented. However, the person proposing should be explained why this proposal will not be implemented.

Another issue is the implementation period of the accepted suggestions. As we mentioned above, a suggestion that comes is not just an employee’s request. The realization of this suggestion will benefit most employees. For this reason, companies should plan the realization process of the suggestions in the best way and realize them as soon as possible.

Individual Suggestion System Solution

The Individual & Corporate Suggestion System Solution, developed by MDP Group, provides solutions to suggestions and problems within the company. With our Suggestion System solution, the suggestions submitted by the personnel are categorized by machine learning and forwarded to the relevant suggestion evaluator. The suggestion evaluator evaluates the incoming suggestion and assigns someone to solve this problem through the application. The suggestion owner can follow all the processes related to this proposal through the application. Thus, companies can manage all their proposal processes through a single solution.

You can contact us to get information about our Suggestion System Solution.

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