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With our team and business partners specialized in many areas such as OPEX, Kaizen, Lean 6 Sigma, TPM and Lean Manufacturing, we determine the steps you need to increase the efficiency of your business and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Customized, Results-Oriented Approach

Every business is different and we recognize that. We offer customized consulting services that are tailored to the structure and goals of your business, ensuring you achieve tangible and measurable results.

İşletmenizin performansını artırmak, verimliliği maksimize etmek ve maliyetleri azaltmak için doğru adımları atmanıza yardımcı oluruz.

To move your business for the better...

  1. Consultancy and Training Services

OPEX Consulting

We offer strategic management consulting to help your business achieve operational excellence. By optimizing your processes, we help you increase quality while reducing costs.

Kaizen Consulting

  • Process Analysis and Evaluation: As a first step, we analyze your business' existing processes in detail and identify potential for improvement. By efficiently evaluating your processes, we identify waste and unnecessary steps.
  • Kaizen Training: We organize training and information programs to adopt the Kaizen culture in your business. We provide the necessary support for your staff to understand and implement the Kaizen philosophy.
  • Kaizen Workshops: We organize Kaizen workshops in designated areas of your business, allowing teams to come together to plan and implement continuous improvement projects. Through these workshops, employees from all levels of your business can contribute to continuous improvement.
  • Management of Improvement Projects: We ensure that identified improvement projects are managed effectively. We follow up projects, monitor progress and revise strategies when necessary.
  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback: We evaluate the results of improvement projects and measure your performance. With feedback, we continuously support the improvement process and strengthen the competitive advantage of your business.

Lean 6 Sigma Consulting

  • Combination of Lean and 6 Sigma Methodologies: By combining Lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma quality management methodologies, we offer best practices to improve both the efficiency and quality of your business.
  • Process Improvement Project Management: We identify, plan and implement process improvement projects based on Lean 6 Sigma principles. We continuously analyze data and optimize processes to achieve targeted quality levels.
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Approach: 6 Sigma is based on statistical data analysis and problem solving. Accordingly, we analyze your business data, identify root causes and use statistical methods to solve quality problems.
  • Training and Talent Development: We organize training and talent development programs to ensure the spread of Lean 6 Sigma culture in your business. We provide the necessary knowledge and skills for your staff to understand and implement Lean 6 Sigma principles.
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: We monitor the effectiveness of improvement projects and evaluate performance. We improve the process with continuous feedback and ensure that your business continuously improves.

TPM Consulting

Adoption of TPM Culture: We develop strategies for the creation and dissemination of TPM culture in your business. We organize training and information programs for your staff to understand and adopt TPM principles.

Developing Equipment Maintenance Strategies: We review and improve the maintenance strategies of existing equipment. By creating regular maintenance plans, we prevent breakdowns and maximize production continuity.

Creating Preventive Maintenance Programs: By creating preventive maintenance programs according to TPM principles, we ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the equipment. We increase productivity and quality while reducing maintenance costs.

Maintenance Training and Talent Development: We organize training and talent development programs to increase the technical skills and knowledge of maintenance teams. We provide the knowledge and skills required for effective equipment maintenance.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: We monitor the effectiveness of TPM practices, evaluate performance and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. We optimize the process through data analysis and feedback.

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