Near Miss Reporting Solution

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How It Works?

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Near Miss Incident Reporting

Employees fill out forms through the system for potential risks and hazards they identify.

  • Incident Information
  • Severity Level
  • Causes of the Incident
  • Preventive Measures to be Taken
  • Employees Involved in the Incident
  • File Attachment

Near Miss Detail Screen

Near miss incident reports shared by employees are transferred to the designated OHS expert or another responsible person within the system. The responsible person can view all the details of the report on the detail screen.


Investigation of Near Miss Incidents

The OHS officer can contact the person who created the notification on the detail screen or request an opinion from another employee in the company. After the necessary investigations, the responsible person closes this notification by giving it an approval or rejection status.



If the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) officer wishes to reward near miss reports, they can assign points through the system during the approval stage. Rewarding can motivate employees, allowing companies to identify elements posing risks in terms of OHS with the help of their employees.


Features of the Near Miss Reporting Software

Digital Near Miss Management

Our near miss reporting solution facilitates the easy reporting, investigation, and elimination of potential hazards within the organization through mobile and web applications. The platform provides easy traceability and management for near miss incidents.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Regulation, records of near miss incidents falling within the definition must be maintained. Our module ensures the digital archiving of all near miss incident records, enabling businesses to align with OHS regulations.

OHS Compliance

Key Features

Access through mobile application and web platform


Reminder notifications.

Multiple responsible assignment

Document and photo attachment

Digital archiving


Ramak Kala Çözümü 
Şirketlere Ne Sağlar?

Güvenli iş yeri, mutlu çalışanlar!


Potansiyel tehlikelerin tespitini destekleyerek çalışma alanının güvenliğinin artırılmasına fayda sağlar.


Şirket itibarını olumsuz etkileyecek kazaların önlenmesi sağlanır.

Erken Uyarı

Olası sorunları önceden tespit etmenize ve müdahale etmenize olanak tanır.


İş kazası tehditlerinin hızlıca ortadan kaldırılması çalışanların şirkete olan güvenini artırır.

Hukuki Uyum

Hukuki olarak tutulması zorunlu olarak ramak kala olay kartları dijital olarak toplanır ve arşivlenir.


Explore Frequently Asked Questions about Near Miss Reporting.

What is Near-Miss?

A near miss describes an event in which no personal injury has occurred and no property has been damaged but has the potential to cause serious harm if action is not taken. Near misses are often seen as a warning sign that an accident could occur in the future and are used to identify and address any potential safety risks in the workplace.

Near misses can be used to identify potential hazards and risks in order to help prevent future accidents or incidents.

Examples of Near Miss Incidents

The most common near miss incidents include:

  1. A worker slipping on a wet floor but narrowly avoiding a fall.
  2. The ladder under a worker slipping, but the worker managing to prevent a fall.
  3. Intervening in a potential fire before it grows.
  4. An employee tripping over a cable but managing to avoid a fall."

What is Near Miss Reporting Solution?

Near Miss Reporting Solution is a solution that enables businesses to identify potential hazards, notify them via mobile, web or QR codes, and take necessary precautions. The solution helps identify and eliminate potential hazards before they cause an incident or accident. It also enables users to report near misses, provide feedback, and track progress. Additionally, it allows businesses to create custom reports and view analytics to gain better insights into the potential risks associated with their operations.

What is the Purpose of Near Miss Solution?

Near Miss Reporting is a type of safety reporting used to identify potential hazards before they cause an incident or accident. Near-miss reporting aims to identify and reduce risks to prevent future incidents or accidents. This type of reporting is essential to any security program as it can help identify patterns or trends that could lead to more serious incidents.

The purpose of our Near Miss Solution is to provide organizations with an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective way to capture, analyze, and act on near misses in order to reduce risk and improve safety. The platform provides tools such as incident and hazard reporting, risk management, and analytics to identify risks and trends, enabling organizations to take proactive steps to prevent future incidents. Additionally, Near Miss Solution offers resources such as safety training and safety culture guidance to help organizations create a safe and healthy work environment.

What are the Advantages of Near Miss Management Tools?

  • Enables to quickly identify, notify and produce solutions for potential hazards and risks.
  • Helps prevent serious injury or death by identifying and controlling hazardous conditions before they cause an accident.
  • Encourages employees to report potential hazards and risks in a safe and timely manner.
  • Allows an organization to improve safety culture, reduce accident rates and enhance overall safety performance.
  • Helps organizations focus on proactive safety management, rather than reactive after-the-fact approaches.
  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate and improve safety processes and procedures.
  • Helps organizations better understand their safety performance and identify areas for improvement.

Why is Reporting Near Misses Important?

Reporting near misses is important because it can help prevent future accidents or incidents. By investigating near misses, companies can identify and address potential risks before an accident or incident occurs. Near misses can provide valuable data about the effectiveness of safety systems, processes, and procedures and allow for proactive risk management. By reporting near misses, companies can identify potential hazards before they become serious problems, reducing the risk of injury or illness to employees and increasing productivity.


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