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How It Works?

5 Steps to Discover the Suggestion System!


Entering a Suggestion by Employee

Firstly, employees need to log in to their individual accounts created by the company. The employee fills out relevant fields in the 'Create New Suggestion' section of the application, providing a detailed description of their suggestion before submitting it. Employees have the option to submit suggestions anonymously if they prefer.


Suggestion Detail Screen

After verifying that the suggestion is not duplicated, the system creates a suggestion detail page within the application. Information related to the suggestion, the status of the suggestion, actions taken, and comments made can be viewed by suggestion stakeholders and evaluators through the suggestion detail screen.


Evaluation of Suggestions

Suggestions are automatically assigned to the pre-defined relevant suggestion process owner in the system for evaluation. The suggestion evaluators perform all actions related to the suggestion through this screen."


Assigning Action to the Suggestion

A solution manager is assigned for the implementation of the suggestions approved as a result of the evaluation. The relevant solution manager sets a deadline from the suggestion detail screen and sends it to the control after the suggestion is resolved.


Suggestion Rewarding

Our application includes various reward scenarios for accepted suggestions. This ensures that the deserved reward for the suggestion owner is automatically defined in the system at the end of the suggestion evaluation process. Both employees and administrators can easily track their rewards in the system."

Advantages of Suggestion Management Platform

User-Friendly Interface

Our suggestion system solution, accessible through both mobile and web platforms, offers easy usability with its user-friendly interface. Blue-collar and white-collar workers can easily share their suggestions through the system and track the actions taken

Within our solution, there are various ready-made suggestion evaluation structures that companies can design their processes with. This allows companies to make adjustments in the settings section according to their preferences, such as first-level supervisor approval, board approval, and determining pre-approvers, without the need for any additional development

Rich Suggestion Management Options

Real-time Notifications

Our solution sends automatic email, SMS, and mobile app notifications at every step of the suggestion process to ensure easy tracking. This allows suggestion stakeholders and evaluators to quickly implement necessary actions throughout the process."

Our suggestion system solution detects duplicate suggestions using advanced artificial intelligence technology, saving companies a considerable amount of time. By preventing duplicate suggestions, companies enhance productivity by concentrating on suggestions that contribute to process improvement.


Flexible Reporting

Within our solution, various report and statistic screens vividly reflect the performance of suggestion processes in detail. Measurements such as category-based incoming suggestion count, total incoming/completed suggestion count, and department-based participation provide managers with an in-depth insight, aiding them in making strategic decisions.

Idea Management Platform

Key Features

Suggestion entry via mobile application and web platform

Anonymous suggestion entry

Rich scenarios for the suggestion evaluation process

Award-winning suggestion competitions

Reminder notifications

Committee approval


The Role of Suggestion
Systems in Business

Employee suggestions help take your business to the top!


Elevating the quality of company products and services results in cost reduction


Identifying problematic areas through employee suggestions leads to increased productivity.

Employee Engagement

Granting a voice to employees increases their loyalty to the company.

Waste Reduction

Detecting and eliminating waste and redundancies in production processes.


See frequently asked questions about the Suggestion System.

What is the Employee Suggestion System?

The Employee Suggestion System acts as a digital suggestion box by building a bridge between the employees and the management. All suggestions, requests and complaint processes are carried out smoothly through a single platform.

It provides dynamism to companies by aiming to improve and upgrade the existing system with the suggestions and criticisms of the employees. Taking the opinions of company employees on company-related issues improves company culture and provides innovation to the company.


Which Businesses Should Use the Employee Suggestion Software?

Employee suggestion software is a solution that enables the collection of suggestions from employees in businesses and the evaluation of these suggestions. It enables the emergence of ideas that will add value to the company.

Employee Suggestion Management Software offers more inovations by integrating time and solution mechanisms, which is the problem of medium-large companies. It also strengthens the communication between management and employees in medium and large enterprises.

How Does the Suggestion System Work?

The Employee Suggestion System provides a platform for employees to share their current problems and potential opportunities with the company. Employees share their suggestions and complaints through this platform. Authorized persons, on the other hand, examine these suggestions and contribute to the improvement process of the company by implementing the applicable ones. In addition, employees can follow the status of the process regarding their feedback on the system and provide additional input. Thus, the process of sharing, evaluating and implementing the suggestions is carried out on a single platform.

What are the benefits of implementing an Employee Suggestion System?

Implementing an Employee Suggestion System offers several advantages for organizations. Firstly, it fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation by providing a platform for employees to contribute their ideas and insights. This not only enhances employee engagement but also taps into the collective intelligence of the workforce.

Secondly, an effective suggestion system can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Employees on the front lines often have valuable insights into operational processes and can suggest improvements that streamline workflows and eliminate bottlenecks.

Furthermore, the system promotes a sense of ownership and involvement among employees, as they see their ideas being considered and implemented. This can contribute to a positive work environment and improve overall job satisfaction.

In addition, the Employee Suggestion System serves as a tool for continuous improvement. Regular feedback from employees allows organizations to identify and address issues promptly, leading to a more adaptive and resilient workplace.

Overall, the benefits of implementing an Employee Suggestion System extend beyond the immediate improvements in processes and efficiency, positively impacting the organizational culture and employee morale.

Suggestion Management System

The suggestion systems enable the collection, evaluation, and implementation of ideas that will add value to the company without them getting lost. Therefore, businesses need to gather employee ideas efficiently to achieve goals such as identifying waste in processes, solving problems, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

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