Employee Suggestion System

Improve your Kaizen processes and your company culture with our artificial intelligence and machine learning supported employee suggestion system solution!

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Advantages of Employee Suggestion System

Improves Company Culture
Improves Company Culture

It develops the company culture with new ideas coming out of the company and makes it innovative.

Brings New Ideas
Brings New Ideas

As a bridge between employees and management, it provides suggestions to increase productivity and profitability.

Detects Problems
Detects Problems

With the feedback from the employees, it ensures that the problem areas are identified and corrected.

Increases Employee Motivation
Increases Employee Motivation

Ideas that provide value are rewarded, thereby increasing employee motivation.

All-in-One Platform for Employee Suggestion Management!

  • Suggestion entry via mobile application, web and QR data matrix,
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning support to detect of duplicate suggestions,
  • Creating award-winning recommendation contests,
  • Customizable report screens,
  • Creating suggestions as a group,
  • Adding additional documentation on the suggestion.
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Suggestion System in 3 Steps

Entering Suggestion by Employee

Company employees need to log in to their individual accounts created by their company. The employee of the company explains and sends his/her suggestion in detail in the “Create New Suggestion” section in the platform.

Idea Management Software
Suggestion Management Software

Classification of Suggestions

The Suggestion System determines a category of suggestions sent by company employees using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The suggestion whose category has been determined is transferred to the suggestion evaluator of the relevant category.

Evaluation of Suggestions

The suggestion or complaint is examined and finalized by the suggestion evaluator determined by the company during this process. The entire communication process related to the process is transferred to the suggestion owner by the suggestion system.

The Employee Suggestion System acts as a digital suggestion box by building a bridge between the employees and the management. All suggestions, requests and complaint processes are carried out smoothly through a single platform.

It provides dynamism to companies by aiming to improve and upgrade the existing system with the suggestions and criticisms of the employees. Taking the opinions of company employees on company-related issues improves company culture and provides innovation to the company.

Employee Suggestion Management Software offers more inovations by integrating time and solution mechanisms, which is the problem of medium-large companies. It also strengthens the communication between management and employees in medium and large enterprises.

Employee suggestion software is a solution that enables the collection of suggestions from employees in businesses and the evaluation of these suggestions. It enables the emergence of ideas that will add value to the company.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “change for the better”. It is a philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement step by step, rather than trying to make radical changes all at once. The aim of Kaizen is to make continuous improvement over time with small changes. Kaizen is used in production, engineering and business management.

The Kaizen approach involves gradual improvements that lead to dramatic results over time. It can be applied to anything from making improvements to your home or workspace, taking up new hobbies and even learning new skills.

Kaizen is sometimes confused with other terms such as Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM) or Continuous Improvement. While these are related concepts, they are not exactly the same thing.

Lean Manufacturing focuses on reducing waste in processes and maximizing value for customers through increased efficiency and improved quality. In contrast, TQM focuses on improving all aspects of an organization – people, processes and technology – by finding ways to eliminate defects or waste from processes so that products more effectively meet customer needs.

Continuous Improvement focuses on removing barriers between departments that can limit efficiency or effectiveness in an organization by identifying root causes of problems, rather than merely treating symptoms.

The Employee Suggestion System provides a platform for employees to share their current problems and potential opportunities with the company. Employees share their suggestions and complaints through this platform. Authorized persons, on the other hand, examine these suggestions and contribute to the improvement process of the company by implementing the applicable ones. In addition, employees can follow the status of the process regarding their feedback on the system and provide additional input. Thus, the process of sharing, evaluating and implementing the suggestions is carried out on a single platform.

The suggestion system is used by both customers and employees. Customers use the system to give feedback and ideas to the company, while employees use it to communicate with the company and make suggestions on how they can improve their products and services.

  • By providing an innovative and efficient process, it strengthens the sense of belonging of the employees and gives life to ideas at a lower cost.
  • It enables the identification of problems within the company and provides a suitable environment for their rapid resolution.

Suggestion systems ensure that ideas that will add value to companies are implemented without being lost. The emergence of new ideas, solving problems and ensuring employee happiness show the necessity of suggestion systems.

Online Suggestion Systems ensure that ideas that will add value to companies are implemented without being lost. The emergence of new ideas, solving problems and ensuring employee happiness shows the necessity of suggestion systems.

Employee Suggestion System is a SaaS solution. After a quick and easy installation, companies can access their suggestion systems from anywhere they wish, only with an internet connection.

Suggestion systems increase efficiency by using data to identify areas for improvement and providing tangible ways to improve processes and procedures. It also contributes to efficiency by providing insight on how to improve the customer experience, identify potential risks, and uncover areas of opportunity.

Suggestion Management System is another name given to Corporate Suggestion System and Suggestion Software solutions. The Suggestion Management System acts as a communication bridge between employees and management in medium and large-sized businesses. All the ideas of the employees are collected on the portal and transferred to the suggestion evaluator for evaluation.

  • For a suggestion system to be successful, it is essential to establish a culture of participation and cooperation. Employees should be encouraged to share their ideas and provide feedback on the ideas of others.
  • Appreciating the contributions of the employees and rewarding their success encourages companies to participate in the process by increasing the motivation of the employees.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the process, it is important to encourage everyone’s participation at all times and to ensure that different perspectives are compared; Therefore, transparency of the system and open communication are important.
  • It is also important to benefit from the experiences of users for the efficient and successful use of suggestion systems. suggestion systems can be used to improve customers’ experiences by offering suggestions based on users’ experiences.

5S is a system that organizes spaces so that work can be carried out efficiently, effectively and safely. It was developed by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan in the 1940s.

5S is an ongoing effort to keep everything in place, including people, objects and information. It’s a way of thinking that encourages everyone to make small changes that improve safety, quality and productivity.

The 5S method consists of five steps:

  • Seiri (sort): Remove what you don’t need or don’t use. This step also includes rethinking how you use the space you have. For example, do you need two tables when one will?

  • Seiton (fixed): Put items in their proper places so they can be found easily when needed.

  • Seiso (shine): Clean your workplace regularly to make it look its best when visitors arrive!

  • Seiketsu (standardize): Set standards for how things should be done on a daily basis and make sure everyone adheres to them; this includes operating procedures as well as safety policies.

  • Shitsuke (maintain): Sustain your 5S efforts over time by being consistent in keeping things neat and orderly.

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