About Us

oneri.io is a brand of MDP Group.

oneri.io is a brand of MDP Group that offers continuous improvement solutions. oneri.io team analyzes the problems and needs that companies face in their continuous improvement processes, providing innovative solutions to help them operate their business processes more efficiently.

The Art of Continuous Improvement

Our vision is to offer our business partners the unlimited potential brought by technology, making their business processes more effective, fast, and efficient. At oneri.io, we aim to maximize our customers' lean transformation journey.




oneri.io began its journey in 2018 as a web and mobile Corporate Suggestion System, aiming to digitize the process of collecting and evaluating suggestions in companies.


oneri.io is a solution that enables the digital execution of numerous processes focused on continuous improvement, lean production, and OPEX (Operational Excellence) from a single platform. It allows businesses to manage and measure their processes effectively, enhancing their overall productivity.


oneri.io will continue to develop new solutions by blending the latest technologies with the needs of companies.Hedefimiz; iş ortaklarımızın sürekli iyileştirme süreçlerini uçtan uca yönetebilecekleri bir platform inşaa etmektir.

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