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Simplify action creation, authorization, and tracking to make your business processes more efficient!

How It Works

Discover the Action Management Solution in 4 Steps!


Creating an Action

Actions related to suggestions, kaizen, near misses, and 5S audits, whether associated or independent, are created by filling out an action form. At this stage, the person creating the action needs to provide details about the action and assign responsibility to a specific employee.


Action Detail Screen

For each action created, an action detail screen is created in the system. All actions related to the action are performed and tracked on this screen.


Creating Sub-Actions

Sub-actions related to actions can be created in the system. In this way, the steps needed to complete the actions are easily followed and the actions are completed in a collaborative environment.


Closing Actions

After completing the actions assigned to them, action managers send them to the authorized person for control. After the authorized person of the relevant action completes his/her checks, he/she closes the action or sends it for revision.

Digital Checklist

Features of Action Management Module

Easy Access

Our action management solution can be easily accessed via both mobile and web, independent of time and space. Using the system, you can define your actions step by step, add detailed descriptions and assign priorities. You can take action quickly when you need it.

You can track the status and progress of your actions instantly in the application. Thanks to the visual reports and graphs within the system, you can effectively manage your workflows and intervene when necessary.

Action Tracking

Action Management Workflows

Further enrich your workflows by adding documents related to your actions. You can also interact with your teams by creating requests for feedback and comments.

Key Features

Creating actions via mobile application and web platform

Automated action reminders

Creating sub-actions

Action assignment controls

Adding documents related to actions

Hatırlatma bildirimleri


Aksiyon Yönetimi
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İyileştirme süreçlerinize dair aksiyonları kolayca oluşturun!


Sorunlu alanların tespit edilmesini ve ele alınmasını sağlar. 


Çalışan önerileri ile sorunlu alanların tespit edilerek verimliliğin artırılması sağlanır.


Çalışanlara söz hakkı verilmesi ile çalışanların şirkete bağlılığının artırılması sağlanır.


Üretim süreçlerindeki israfın ve fazlalıkların tespit edilmesi ve ortadan kaldırılması sağlanır.


Explore frequently asked questions about Action Management.

What is Action Management?

Action management is the process of managing a plan to enable a business to achieve its goals, make improvements and solve problems. It helps to systematically manage the tasks, initiatives and steps identified to address problems and improve performance.

What are the Key Components of Action Management?

Key components of action management include strategic planning, task management, continuous improvement and adaptability. These elements work together to ensure that actions are planned, executed and evaluated in a systematic way.

What are the Benefits of Action Management?

Performance Improvement:

It enables businesses to identify and address performance gaps. In action management, existing processes are evaluated, a plan is determined and implemented.

Achieving Goals:

Facilitates the achievement of goals by helping to effectively plan and implement the steps identified to improve an existing inefficiency.

Improving Efficiency:

Determining responsibilities, creating a timeline, identifying steps and tracking progress in the action management process ensures that the project is managed systematically and efficiently.

How Action Management Supports Continuous Improvement?

Action management helps to identify performance gaps and take corrective action by regularly assessing processes. This enables businesses to improve their overall performance and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Why is an Action Management Solution Necessary?

The action management solution is a solution that enables the management of all steps for improvement activities. By accessing the solution via web & mobile application, employees can create actions, assign responsibilities and track the progress of the process. Moreover, they can add documents related to the actions from within the system and create subtasks to complete the actions. These features facilitate action management by enabling issues to be handled on a single platform.

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