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Collect, evaluate and resolve your customer demands from a single point!

How it works

How Does Help Desk Software Work?

5 Steps to Discover Help Desk Solution!


Entering the Request by the Customer

Customers complete the request entry by filling in information such as request type, importance level and request subject.


Demand Detail Screen

The system creates a demand detail screen for each demand created by customers. All details regarding the demand can be easily accessed through the demand detail screen.


Demand Type Responsible Stage

Companies can assign various responsible persons for each type of demand in the system. In this direction, the demands created by the customer fall to the relevant responsible persons. Demand type supervisors assign a solution supervisor to resolve the demand.


Solution Officer Phase

The solution officer assigned to resolve the request must set a deadline. The resolution officer completes what needs to be done regarding the request within the deadline and sends it to the control.


Closing the Demand

The demand type responsible checks the actions taken by the solution responsible. If there is no missing action, the demand is scored and closed.


Features of Help Desk Software

User-Friendly Interface

The Help Desk Software offers a user-friendly interface for managing requests on both web and mobile.

Collecting all customer demands from a single point facilitates long-term management and analysis of demands. You can easily access all retrospective customer requests in detail in the system.

Central Help Desk Software


Average response time for your demand management processes, average completion time, number of requests based on request type, number of requests by priority level, etc. You can access the statistics whenever you want. you can reach.


Demand entry via mobile application and web platform.

Evaluation based on demand type.

Reminder notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out frequently asked questions about Help Desk System.

What is Help Desk System?

Help Desk System is a system designed to enable businesses to collect, evaluate and analyze customer demands from a single center, thus facilitating the effective management of customer demands.

What is the Purpose of the Help Desk Software?

The purpose of the Help Desk Software is to meet customer demands quickly and efficiently, strengthen customer relations and increase the competitiveness of the business.

What are the Benefits of Help Desk Solution?

A Centralized Platform: Collecting customer demands on one central platform allows companies to manage requests more effectively. It prevents demands from getting lost and helps them be resolved in a more organized manner.

Data Analysis Opportunity: Help Desk Solution offers companies the opportunity to analyze customer feedback and demands. This data provides important insights for developing and improving products or services.

Reporting: Businesses can access many reports regarding demand management processes, such as average response time, priority level, number according to request types, through reporting screens, and can use these reports to meet customer expectations.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Effective demand management increases customer satisfaction. Seeing that customers' demands are met strengthens companies' reputation and increases customer loyalty

Why is a Help Desk System Necessary?

Help Desk System ensures that all customer demands are collected on a single digital platform. It helps evaluate and resolve each request by preventing requests from customers from being lost. Therefore, a Help Desk Solution is a necessary solution to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customer relationships, create business strategies from customer feedback and gain competitive advantage.

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