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Digitize, systematize, and make your 5S audit processes reportable

How It Works?

Discover 5S Audit Management Solution in 5 Steps!


Adding Main Data for the Audit"

Firstly, the audit main data needs to be added to the system through the settings section. Companies define audit fields, monthly/weekly audit questions, answer options, and cleanliness & maintenance criteria within the application through this screen.


Creating Audit Plan

A 5S area supervisor is selected for each defined 5S area in the system. These supervisors assign responsibilities to personnel conducting audits on a monthly and weekly basis through a schedule. This way, the audit calendar can be easily tracked.


Audit Process

On the audit date, the responsible person goes to the audit area with their mobile device and initiates the audit through the application. While in the audit area, the responsible person answers audit questions and, if necessary, can upload photos and files through the application.


Checking Audits

Within the application, all completed audits need to be reviewed and approved by the respective 5S area supervisor. The 5S area supervisors can view audits awaiting approval in the 'audit evaluation' section of the application and provide their approval.


Audit Reports and Statistics

All 5S audits conducted within the system are archived. Additionally, the 'audit statistics' page includes various charts for companies to analyze their audit performance.

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Features of the Digital 5S Solution

Comprehensive Audit Management

All conducted 5S, cleanliness, and maintenance checks are digitally archived in the system. Reports include audited areas, compliance with criteria, deficiencies, improvement suggestions, and action plans. 5S supervisors can track processes through reports and create improvement plans for deficiencies.

The solution enables digital execution of audits through mobile devices instead of paper. The responsible personnel can answer audit questions and, if needed, add photos from the audit area using their phone or tablet when the audit time comes.


Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning module ensures the periodic checks of machines on the production lines. Cleaning and maintenance plans can be created and managed within the application according to the defined method, period, and shift information.

Key Features

Digitize Your 5S Audits!

Conducting audits through mobile application and web platform

Adding photos from the audit area

Weekly & monthly audit planning

Cleaning and maintenance tracking

Rich reporting screens for audit results

Digital archiving


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Explore frequently asked questions about 5S.

What is 5S?

5S is a management methodology that refers to five different steps in Japanese and is used to increase order and efficiency in workplaces. The 5S concept comes from the initials of the Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Sekiketsu and Shitsuke.

What are the 5S Steps?

  1. Sort (Seiri): Seiri aims to identify and eliminate unnecessary items in the workplace. With Seiri, only the necessary items are found in the workplace, the excess is removed, and more space is created in the workplace.
  2. Set in Order (Seiton): Seiton is the step that aims to effectively organize the remaining items in the workplace.  Organizing things ensures that things can be easily found, time loss is prevented and productivity is increased.
  3. Shine (Seiso): Seiso is the 5S step that aims to keep the workplace clean and organized. In this step, cleaning routines are established, and cleaning tasks are identified and performed regularly.
  4. Standardize (Seiketsu): Seiketsu is the step that aims to continuously maintain and standardize 5S practices. The continuity of 5S processes is ensured in line with the determined standards.
  5. Sustain (Shitsuke): Shitsuke is the step that aims to implement 5S processes with discipline. When 5S principles are adhered to in a disciplined manner, productivity in the workplace is expected to increase. For this reason, Shitsuke is closely related to the other 4 steps.

What are the Benefits of 5S?

  • The 5S methodology allows employees to quickly and easily get what they need by eliminating clutter and streamlining the business. This helps increase productivity.
  • A clean and tidy workplace creates a safer environment. In this way, it ensures that potential risks and hazards that may arise in the working environment are determined and eliminated in advance.
  • Orderliness in the workplace eliminates the risk of materials being lost. This results in reduced waste and lowered costs.

How Do You Apply 5S in Your Workplace?

Once you have implemented the 5S in the workplace, it is very important to maintain it. You can implement and maintain 5S by following these steps:

  • Make it a habit

5S must be adopted by the employees and must be made a habit. Employees should be encouraged to sequence, streamline, polish, standardize and maintain on a daily basis.

  • Include Everyone in the Process

Everyone in the business, including management, employees and customers, must be included in the 5S.

  • Celebrate Achievements

Celebrating achievements throughout the 5S journey is essential. This helps employees stay motivated and engaged.

  • Continuous improvement

5S is part of the continuous improvement process. Employees should be encouraged to continually identify areas for improvement in the workplace and make improvements.

Why is the 5S Audit Solution Necessary?

The 5S Audit Solution provides a digital and systematic approach to organizing and improving workspaces. It enables easy execution and reporting of planned 5S control steps through the system. Conducting and monitoring 5S audits digitally not only streamlines processes but also contributes to the sustainability of 5S practices.

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