How Do You Harness the Power of Suggestion Systems?

Employee suggestion systems are a technological way to increase employee engagement and provide an outlet for valuable feedback from your employees. The strength of an employee suggestion system lies in its ability to generate a greater number of ideas from a wider employee base. This results in greater cost savings and better quality. The best way to use this power is to implement a formal program that encourages participation, rewards successful submissions, and allows feedback on submitted ideas.

Employee Suggestion System Benefits

First, suggestion systems can be a great motivator for your employees. The more successful your company’s suggestion system is, the more motivated your employees will be to work for the company. People who are positively engaged in their work are more productive and more motivated than those who think they don’t make a difference or are not heard by management.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, suggestion systems help increase productivity. When employees feel they are part of the process of improving the company and its products or services, rather than just taking orders, they are more invested in the work they do every day. They want to see success because it’s their success too!

Key Elements of a Successful Recommendation System

Suggestion systems work best when they have well-defined procedures and guidelines. As with any process, the more clearly defined and documented your suggestion system is, the more successful it will be. This includes clear procedures on how to submit a suggestion and how to respond to it.

Well-defined procedures, rewards and recognition are key elements of a successful suggestion system.

  • Well Defined Procedures

To ensure that all suggestions are documented, it is important to have well-defined procedures for what information should be collected and how documents should be stored. This is also an effective way to ensure that all recommendations are received and processed consistently.

  • Reward and Recognition

The reward can be anything from a gift card or small bonus cash prize during an employee meeting to public praise. The key here is to make sure you have a reward system for those who make suggestions that lead to improvements in your business. Also, the owner of the idea should be publicly appreciated so that your company knows how much you value employee contributions. It also brings recognition.

Harness the Power of Suggestion Systems

Suggestion systems contain many benefits to companies. Many businesses with employee suggestion systems are able to provide internal innovation, increase employee loyalty, improve business processes and increase profitability if the system is used correctly.

  • Ask for Suggestions on the Topics You Have Determined

Make it clear in which areas you want suggestions from your employees. These areas can often include gathering many ideas about improving quality and efficiency, improving processes, increasing profitability, increasing employee motivation.

  • Communicate the Processes About the Suggestion

First of all, you should quickly evaluate the suggestions from the employees. You should also publicly share the evaluation process and results.

  • Request Details for Suggestions

Ask for a detailed explanation of how this idea will be implemented, why and how it will affect the company, from the employees making the suggestion. The point here is to keep the process simple. In other words, the employee does not need to write a comprehensive plan. A paragraph or two explanations will suffice.

  • Assign an Employee to Run the Process

Appoint an employee as a manager who will ensure that the process runs smoothly and does not get stuck.

The Importance of Employee Suggestion Systems

Recommender systems are a powerful tool to improve your business. When a company has an effective recommendation system, it also has better quality products and services, happier employees and more profit for the company. By implementing a good recommendation system, you will create an environment where people feel they have a say in their workplace and are more motivated than ever before.

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