4.5.x: Release Notes

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On March 15, 2024, at 19:00, we performed a version update on our system. Below, you can find detailed information about the new features, improvements, and bug fixes that this update will bring.

New Features

  • Action management module added! 🎉
  • Lessons Learned module added! 🎉
  • Customer support (Help Desk) module added! 🎉
    Time tracking bar added to the Kaizen detail screen.
  • Translation support with Google Translate infrastructure added to the suggestion detail screen. Setting for Google Translate API integration added to the ready integrations section.
  • Visual upload feature added to the announcements section.


  • Modal displaying similar suggestions has been redesigned.
  • When accessing via mobile browser, a mobile application suggestion banner is now displayed at the top.
  • German language support has been added to the mobile application.
  • Lazy loading structure implemented on the statistics page.
  • Actors’ breakdowns added to the table in 5S reports.
  • Clicking on process statuses and pending tasks on the dashboard now directs to the suggestions page with filters applied.
  • Survey response enabled after sending in the mobile application.
  • Audit area information added to the top right corner of 5S audit evaluation screens.
  • Draft saving enabled at each step during 5S audits on web and mobile.
  • Redesigned suggestion creation window.
  • Deletion button in reports (suggestions, kaizen, pending) now tied to permissions and managed through access permissions.