What is Idea Management?

What Challenges Do Companies Face?

Today, companies use many technologies to develop and grow their operations. Various software technologies, innovations, etc. It is a widely used method to achieve success by applying it. However, most businesses do not consider a separate concept under the name of idea management, despite many technologies, and only allow ideas that are formed in intuitive ways and that develop randomly.

What is Idea Management?

Idea management always supports the improvement and development process of the existing system. It is a very effective method for companies to use the idea management system to improve themselves. For this system to be used effectively, it needs to go through certain processes. Some of these processes are as follows:

  • The idea management process is the period from initial idea identification to implementation.
  • There are various targets and measurement criteria for each company to use this method. These goals may be to obtain money or savings for the company or to expand the vision of the company.
  • Some certain people and managers are tasked with making decisions in idea management. These people perform important aspects such as optimizing the existing idea and making the right decision for the business.
  • One of the most important steps in the idea management process is that employees receive training on this subject to always improve themselves.

Idea management technology significantly speeds up the evaluation process, decision phase, and bringing the idea to market of ideas gathered by the company’s employees. Therefore, the effective use of idea management will provide great improvements for the company.

Although idea management has great benefits, there are situations where businesses have difficulties at certain stages. While these may be caused by employees or managers, there are also certain difficulties brought by the process.

Challenges Companies Face in the Idea Management Process

Test Phase

Ideas must be tested before they are implemented after passing certain stages. Although the common denominator is reached in the ideas discussed online or face-to-face, it is highly likely to encounter some problems during the testing phase. There may be differences of opinion on how the necessary teams reach solutions at this stage. It is important to overcome these differences of opinion and meet on common ground. For this reason, since the testing phase is very critical in the idea management process, it is a point that should be emphasized.

Lack of Motivation

The biggest factor in the formation of innovative ideas is productivity. The productivity of an employee depends on motivation. While problems in the work environment can have an impact on motivation, productivity will be low in a non-cooperative organization. Therefore, the possibility of different opinions is low. The responsibility of the company in this regard is quite large. The steps to be taken to motivate its employees will both increase productivity and enable the emergence of different ideas for the company. Innovation brings difference, and diversity will provide an environment for very good ideas when careful.


One of the main problems faced by companies in the management of ideas is the differences of opinion that may occur. After the decision stage of the ideas to be implemented, which idea certain people advocate and desire varies. In this case, it is very important to minimize the tensions that may occur.

The stronger the interpersonal collaborative relationship, the easier it will be to overcome the problem. For this reason, whichever idea is most suitable for the vision and mission of the company and will carry the company to the best place, should be implemented and presented to the market. Thus, while the success of the employees will satisfy them, this will be a big step for the development and improvement of the company.

Idea management is one of the methods that must be used for organizations that want to grow. Although there are various challenges mentioned above, when used correctly and effectively, it will be a great source of motivation for both employees and the company.

What is the Corporate Suggestion System?

The corporate suggestion system is a solution that makes the idea management processes in companies faster, more systematic, and easier. The corporate suggestion system acts as a bridge between the employees and the management and ensures that the employee’s ideas are conveyed to the relevant people.

You can contact us to improve the idea management processes in your company with our corporate suggestion system solution.

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