Importance of Value Creation Culture

Importance of Value Creation Culture

A company’s culture of value is essential for its growth, as creating value is one of the best ways to ensure future success. Making employees feel valued is important because a company’s most valuable and richest asset is its employees.

Many managers hear rhetoric about how valuable their employees feel and what they don’t. These statements sometimes take the form of “I am not valued at this company” and sometimes “the success I have achieved for the company is not appreciated”. As soon as managers are aware of these discourses, they should take action to create a culture of value and work to increase employee satisfaction and happiness.

Of course, it is not possible to please every employee, but employees must be made to feel valued in some way. One of the most important ways to transform the company, or in other words to create a cultural change, is to create a work environment that values ​​employees. For this reason, regardless of their duties within the company, managers must make all employees feel valued and act fairly.

When the employee feels valued, his/her commitment to the company will increase as his/her motivation will increase. Thus, employees begin to be more productive within the company and are willing to take more responsibility. The employee’s happiness and satisfaction start to increase customer satisfaction by regulating the relations with the customer. When all these are taken into consideration, employee happiness does not only benefit the employee. It benefits both the employees and the company in the long run.

There are some ways to create happy employees;
  • Taking care of employees
  • Showing a solution-oriented approach instead of blaming if mistakes are made
  • Communicate openly and transparently
  • Enabling employees to balance their work and private lives
  • Employees inspire each other
  • Showing love and respect to employees
  • Appreciating the employees

The most important thing to remember today is that high wages are not the only expectations of employees. Studies show that even if an employee receives high wages and good bonuses, they are more likely to quit when they feel that they are not valued, respected and appreciated in the workplace. Therefore, managers need to create a happy work environment while paying employees fairly for the work they do. The methods we have listed above are easy to implement to increase employee happiness and make them feel valued.

In Summary;

A culture of value is a culture that nurtures and develops both employees and the company. Employee engagement in a company depends on the happiness of the employee. Increasing employee loyalty progresses with the creation of a culture of value. Therefore, the culture of value is one of the most important cultures that will lead companies to success in the long run.