Employee Suggestion System Examples

Wherever you are in the world, in every sector, it is the employees who know the job best and have the expertise and ideas about the job. That’s why you should ask employees for suggestions on how to improve not only their day-to-day work but also their business processes. Ideas and suggestions from your employees can be the key to speeding up production, increasing competitiveness, reaching new markets and increasing productivity. In order to reach the ideas that will take the company one step further, all that needs to be done is to ask the employees for their thoughts. In our blog post, we will examine the Employee Suggestion System Examples in companies and take a look at what successful companies do and what we can learn from them.

What is Suggestion System?

A suggestion system is a process that provides employees with a formal way to submit ideas and suggestions to management. The goal of a suggestion system is to encourage employee participation in decisionmaking and problemsolving in the workplace. Suggestion systems provide employees with a platform to share their opinions and ideas on how to improve the organization.

Employee Suggestion System Examples

British Airways

The airline industry is among the most competitive sectors in the world and its profit margin is gradually decreasing. For this reason, companies need new ideas to maintain their competitiveness and stay at the top. The airline industry is among the most competitive industries in the world. For this reason, companies need new ideas to maintain their competitiveness and stay at the top. This need is usually met by managers and industry consultants. But British Airways took a different route than its competitors, utilizing the suggestions of its employees, who are a better source of innovation.

With its suggestion systems, British Airways enabled employees in all departments to contribute to improving processes and creating innovative ideas. As a result, an employee shared a suggestion to descale the aircraft’s toilet pipes, saving the company $750,000 a year in fuel costs.

This example from British Airways demonstrates the value of employee ideas to companies and the importance of asking employees for their opinions in a competitive environment.


Employee suggestion systems are one of Amazon’s most successful strategies to create an innovative culture, develop new product ideas, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth. For this reason, it is arguably the most innovative company in the world today and has the potential to completely reshape modern business.

One of the key factors in Amazon’s global dominance is due to Amazon Prime, the company’s fast shipping subscription service. In 2005, software engineer Charlie Ward suggested that customers be charged a flat fee each year, removing additional shipping costs and offering same-day delivery. On this advice, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos brought together senior executives and asked for their support in finding a way to offer same-day delivery for all products. In 2005, software engineer Charlie Ward suggested charging customers a flat fee each year, eliminating additional shipping costs and same-day delivery. On this suggestion, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos brought together senior executives and asked for their support in finding a way to offer same-day delivery for all products. In December 2005, Amazon Prime became active in the US with free shipping on all products sold by Amazon. Today, Prime has become an integral part of Amazon’s business strategy, with more than 100 million global subscribers, generating billions of dollars in profits.

In this example, Bezos’s taking into account employee suggestions, responding quickly, and assigning the right people to the task made Prime a great success for the future of the company.


Innovative ideas that can keep the company one step ahead of competitors with employee suggestion systems can come from employees. An example of this was experienced in the Arçelik company. An employee suggested a machine that could make cooking Turkish coffee faster and easier. Considering the suggestion, the R&D team started to work. After the completion of its studies, Arçelik Telve was launched in 2004. Arçelik Telve, for which 8 different international patent applications were made during its construction, is the first Turkish coffee machine produced in the world. With this product, Arçelik broke new ground and expanded its market share by increasing its competitive power.

In Summary;

Suggestion systems help increase efficiency, productivity and profitability within the company. Through these systems, all employees in the company have the chance to make suggestions on everything from how to improve customer service to how best to approach the competition. Employee ideas make it possible to capture and implement innovative ideas that keep the company one step ahead of its competitors in an increasingly competitive environment.

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