What are Intrapreneurship and Innovation
What is Intrapreneurship & Innovation?

The modern world continues to progress at a pace parallel to technological developments. This change has accelerated especially in the last 20 years. In the past, it took 75 years for the phone, invented by Alexander Graham...

Importance of Digital Transformation for Businesses
Importance of Digital Transformation for Businesses

Today, the development and progress of technology show its effects in many areas. All sectors, from industry to health, continue to change and develop themselves day by day by keeping up with technology. All..

How to Build an Innovation Culture in Businesses
How to Build an Innovation Culture in Businesses?

Innovation culture has long been one of the most talked-about topics in the business world. Since “innovation” is a very broad concept, it can be defined in many different ways. With the developing and digitalizing world, the...

What is Innovation Innovation Processes in Businesses
What is Innovation? Innovation Processes in Businesses

Innovation is a term frequently used in today’s business world. In the innovation era we live in, innovation is a necessary element for companies to grow and achieve their goals. Knowing when and how to innovate...

Benefits of Corporate Suggestion System
Benefits of Corporate Suggestion System

The corporate suggestion system is a platform where everyone from the lowest to the highest level in the company can share their suggestions, criticisms, and complaints. Suggestion systems are also called "individual...

Employee Suggestion System Importance for Companies
Employee Suggestion System: Importance for Companies

Many innovative companies today attach great importance to the suggestions, complaints, and requests of their employees as well as customer feedback. The purpose of this is to improve the business...

Suggestion System Digital Suggestion Complaint Box
Suggestion System: Digital Suggestion / Complaint Box

With the digitalizing world, suggestion systems have become very important for companies. Although suggestion systems are used digitally today, it was used to provide customer satisfaction, increase workplace...

What is the Suggestion System
What is the Suggestion System?

The Suggestion System is a system that businesses use to improve company culture, reduce costs, increase workplace productivity and improve working conditions. Suggestion Systems are also called...